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Louis James, LLC is here to inform, educate, and enable action for an elite group of savvy investors. Our goal is to achieve extraordinary gains for ourselves and those willing and able to take the risks and apply the discipline needed to speculate successfully.


Lobo Tiggre

Who We Are…

“Louis James” was legendary speculator Doug Casey’s protégé at Casey Research for almost 14 years, until early 2018. He joined the Casey team in 2004. By 2007, he was writing and making investment recommendations in Casey’s flagship newsletter, the International Speculator. Now he brings his experience, his connections and his deal flow directly to you, without the barrage of marketing hype used by larger publishers.



For almost 14 years, we learned from Doug Casey, Rick Rule and other legendary speculators and delivered big investment wins to readers.



From recent war zones to remote jungles to high mountain tops, our quest for the highest due diligence standards in the world has taken us to 64 countries. So far…


Annual Gain

This is the average of the annual gains published in the International Speculatorfrom 2004 to 2017, when that letter was Louis James’ primary responsibility. Disclaimer.

Report Card

New Track Record Coming

The 18.5% average gain figure above is based on the International Speculator“Report Card” published by Casey Research in January of 2018. We do not have legal rights to reproduce Casey Research’s copyrighted material to back this claim up, but it is based on their published numbers. See disclaimer for details.

Going forward, we are posting a track record of all closed positions—no cherry picking—including evidence showing all fees and commissions. Interested parties are invited to monitor our results as they are achieved. Our clients, of course, have access to a completely transparent portfolio of all positions, including analysis of news and developments in near real time.

Learning Curve

School of Hard Rocks

The above average includes our founder’s learning curve in his early years with Casey Research. It also includes the crash of 2008 and the bear market for resource investments from 2011 to 2015. Not all years were winners. But some were quite successful, resulting in the average above. We are now ready to apply the lessons learned from the decades of investing experience of investing giants such as Doug Casey, Rick Rule, and others to seek to achieve even better results in the future.

Results are the first and most essential cornerstone of our business. That’s what we’re all here for, after all.

The Truth

“Louis James” Revealed

For the record, “Louis James” is a pen name our lead researcher adopted for his writing at Casey Research. His legal name, Lobo Tiggre, being a bit more exotic, was kept private. Indeed, Tiggre was advised against going public with his real name at the founding of Louis James, LLC.

But since integrity is another cornerstone of our business, keeping the truth from the public was not an option. Instead, we’re keeping the “Louis James” brand alive through our company’s name.

Due Diligence

Leaving No Stone Unturned

For those not familiar with Lobo Tiggre’s work, due diligence is its hallmark. Hence our Twitter handle, @duediligenceguy. He’s flown more than a million miles on behalf of Casey readers (with no way to count the miles on 4×4, horse, mule, and foot).

Now, undeterred by falling rocks in mines, rickety third-world aircraft, scorpions, malaria outbreaks, or worse, we will continue the “Louis James” tradition of going where others dare not tread to leave no stone unturned on behalf of our clients.

The Team

Experience Matters

Lobo Tiggre is one of the most experienced and diligent researchers on the planet.

Click here for a full Lobo Tiggre/Louis James biography.

Our in-house team includes passionate professionals with years of experience. Despite that expertise, we are always willing to check our premises, test our ideas, probe for fatal flaws, and make use of the expertise of others who can help up deliver the best results. To this end, we have a board of advisors consisting of some of the most knowledgeable, reputable, and successful people in our industry. These include: Doug Casey, Adrian Day, Ron Parratt, Moira Smith and more.

Click here to see the full board and their bios.

Respect, Not Spam

How We Do Business ...

Rather than insult your intelligence, we assume it.

We’re not aiming for mass market here. We’re not interested in trying to trick, or even convince large numbers of people to sign up. There’d be no point, since, honestly, most people are not suited to a service like ours.

Our clients are those few who understand the value of exhaustive research in the best speculative investment ideas on the market today. They find us, and we will make it worth their while if they join. Therefore, out of respect for your intelligence and the value of your time…

Our Pledge

We will never inundate you with high-pressure sales gimmicks.
Our communications will be as low-volume, relevant, and accurate as possible.


Our simple, honest, win-win marketing strategy.

In keeping with our “no sales gimmicks” pledge, we will never try to fool people into thinking they are getting an “exclusive” or “limited time only discount.”

We have no sales promotions. Our work is fairly priced, based on its value. Instead of mind games, we offer a simple, win-win deal for those who do join and appreciate our work. Refer us to others and for every person who becomes a paying member, we will rebate your membership by 10%, up to 100% off. See our Rebate Policy for details.


Joining is your first speculation with us

Up front, our clients need to understand that our typical speculation takes at least a year to mature. That’s why we encourage one-year subscriptions. However, we understand that a year’s payment up front is a lot to ask of those unfamiliar with our work, so we also offer a monthly option. Both options renew automatically unless cancelled. So we also offer a monthly option.”

Both options renew automatically unless cancelled. There are no refunds. Here’s why:

  1. It takes a great deal of time, work, and expense to come up with great speculations. Once we give you our ideas, you
    can’t un-know them, can’t give them back.

  2. We aren’t looking for people who want to “kick the tires.” We aren’t interested in offering “free trials” or other sales gimmicks. Unlike others who shotgun their sales pitches at the masses, we’re aiming for an elite audience that already knows the value of our kind of work.

Note that we reserve the right to cancel service—with no refund—to anyone who forwards our copyrighted material to others. Sharing our work with non-clients hurts us and fellow clients who then face extra competition from others acting on the same information.

Our clients believe in the value of our work. They trust that we’ll do everything in our power to deliver value that’s many times greater than what they pay.

We are publishers, not financial advisors. We do not make any buy, sell, or other investment recommendations in any of our services. We do not offer, nor make any financial recommendations to individuals. We do tell clients what speculations we are making, and why, in our paid services. Clients then make their own decisions.


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A free online educational service for investors who want to become top performing speculators.

Our industry-leading monthly newsletter that details our investment strategies and specific investment details.

Our ultra-premium alerts service that allows clients to be "in the room, in the deal" with us.

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Speculator's Digest

A free online educational service for investors who want to become top performing speculators.

Free digest with fresh investment-related news and ideas on a daily basis.
Free reports on investment ideas for speculators.
Honest, unbiased trend analysis
Heads up on events, appearances, and other educational opportunities.
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The Independent Speculator

Our industry-leading monthly newsletter that details our investment strategies and specific investment details.

Field Trip Invitations
Free Educational Media
Free Access to Blog
Books and More
Monthly Newsletter Subscription
Conference Invitations
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Independent Speculators In The Deal

Our ultra-premium alerts service that allows clients to be "in the room, in the deal" with us.

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Got Questions?

We’re here to help. If you don’t see your question addressed below,
please visit our FAQ, or contact us.

$2,500 per year is comparable to other high-end newsletters. $10,000 per year is a bargain for a near real-time feed of actionable ideas, data, analysis, and on-the-ground reporting. Hedge funds pay a lot more for due diligence like this. But the key issue is that both services can pay for themselves many times over. Are our services “expensive”? Not compared to what they can do for you. This is the grown-ups table. Don’t pull up a seat unless you’re ready to get serious about making serious money.

That said, we do offer rebates for referrals. At 10% off per referral, the program is generous enough to net those who use it successfully up to a free subscription.

Yes. There’s a story there best shared over a warm cup of Joe after a long day of kicking frozen rocks in the Great White North. The short truth is the Lobo Tiggre is “Louis James”’ real, legal name. This is why Doug Casey would frequently refer to “Louis” as “Lobo” or “the Lobo” on stage and even on the air. It is also why Tiggre has signed his letters and emails with simply the letter “L” for decades; it fit both names. The “Louis James” pen name has long been a poorly-kept secret, so we’ve decided to put it to rest. But we also know that “Louis James” is a name with stature among speculators, so we’re keeping it alive as our brand.

Financial publishers can give their readers investment ideas as long as they don’t give people individual investment advice. This is not a 100% clearly defined area of US law. Our way to stay well clear of any possibility of crossing the line is not to make any investment recommendations at all. Instead, we tell clients what we are investing in and why. Those clients can then do the same or similar, if they so chose.

By sharing our actual speculative investments—not a theoretical “model” portfolio, but the actual trades and deals we make—we teach by example. Clients who follow our lead can make the same level of returns as we do.