One of the things I liked most about working for Casey Research was getting to work with Doug. It was a virtual office, so we didn’t hang out and chat at the water cooler, but the communication was constant. And from time to time, we’d travel together, kick rocks, and kick ideas around with entrepreneurs, philosophers, and politicians.

A classic example was going to see a copper-gold project in Panama, and then dropping in on the president to try to convince him to put the country on a gold standard. Somehow, Doug’s charm and infamy got him in to see a couple dozen heads of state like that.

All of these adventures were highly educational for me. They also gave me a common basis with Doug that enabled some of the most interesting conversations I’ve ever had. Those were published by Casey Research over the years, first as weekly Conversations with Casey, and then later in two books: Totally Incorrect and Right on the Money.

Then, in 2015, things changed. I was given other responsibilities and my conversations with Doug were no longer published. We still talked, but no longer dove into the depths of his mind on a weekly basis. I left Casey Research last year to start my own business and our conversations became even less frequent.

Happily, my friendship with Doug remains strong, despite us being friendly competitors now. He even endorsed my work, saying things I’d be too embarrassed to say about myself.

But I miss talking with my old friend…

So it’s with great pleasure that I share a new conversation Doug and I had recently. It had been such a long time, I had a lot of questions. Among other things, we went over:

It was a lot, so we’ve made it available as a download, both at and here at

I hope you enjoy the conversation as much as Doug and I did—and that you profit from it.


Tuesday, January 29, 12:52pm, EDT, 2019